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W124 E500

Mercedes Benz w124 E500 - The BEST
The Mercedes-Benz 500E is a supercar produced in collaboration with Porsche-AG from 1991-1995. The vehicle is based on the W124 chassis (1986-1995 officially) although the 500E is a totally different animal to its cousins. They produced around 10,249 supercars all in LHD combined with the 5.0L V8 engine producing 326bhp power and 354 lb/ft of torque coupled to the 4-speed automatic gearbox. The car would sprint from 0-62mph within 6.0 seconds and have a top speed of 155mph which is limited. Derestricted models have been known to reach over 170mph. The E500 Limited was the final production of the E500 range with uprated wheels and interior modifications. Finally, the E60 AMG was a special version of the E500 from factory providing the 381BHP 6.0L engine along with several other minor tweaks. BRABUS, Kleeman & RENNTech: E500 was modified by the likes of BRABUS, Kleeman and RENNTech to provide further power and high speed cruising. They provided bigger engines such as the 6.9L V12 in the 500E, the 6.0L V8 BRABUS, 6.5L V8 BRABUS and the Kleeman 6.1L in the W124. RENNTech provided the additional high performance airboxes and the famous 6.2L V-8 producing around 475bhp. This was mated to a 6-speed manual replacing the 5-speed automtic.

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By Black Baron

Mercedes Benz 190D Super Turbo BurnOut
700Hp & 1250Nm, OM606 hightly modified 3.0 diesel motor. Holset HX52Pro, Boost 3.4bar, Mynä 8mm pump. Mercedes 722.3 hightly modified automatic transmission. Season 2012 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hibwpck4nmk