Mean 572 CI Chrysler Hemi. 615 HP. Nelson Racing Engines. NRE. Super Street. Charger.

Tom Nelson Dynos this great all aluminum Chrysler Hemi. Dual Carbs. Great sound. Go to Also go to See some of NRE engines in production at end of video. Very streetable motor.

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Beastly 1600 HP Chrysler Hemi. Nelson Racing Engines. NRE. Tom Nelson.
Tom calls this 572 CI motor the Elephant. It's definately a beast! This is a new design from Nelson Racing Engines. Twin turbo 572. More details and downloadable videos at Tom also talks about what is in the pipeline at NRE. Great things! Tom explains the design of this engine. See this engine in HD with many closeups and great video details. Also go to

572 Cu In Streetable Big Block With 750HP Live engine run of a Chevy 572 big block...engine will be run in a '66 Chevy Chevelle...Proformance Unlimited...There is no other Our staff is available to assist you with any questions you may have Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 800-267-3940 or via email We look forward to speaking with you.

True 426 HEMI Horsepower 'The Keeper'
Welcome to Nick's Garage! Nick Panaritis wants to get things started here with a special build, so he's letting you in on the rebirth of his own classic 426 HEMI. This power plant made a name for itself 5 decades ago, and now we're all going to watch and listen as it is brought back to life and then pushed beyond the red line. Chrysler claimed 425 horsepower back in the day, let's find out what it makes today as Nick goes looking for True 426 HEMI horsepower!

1958 Chrysler fire power 392 Hemi running sold
This engine is currently being put on ebay for sale to the highest bidder, engine runs great, no smoke, does have modified oil pan, screw on oil filter, Carter afb performance series carburetor,