93 Dodge cummins 1st Gen D250, walk-around, smoke, missing a gear....

This is our 93 D250 we picked up a few months ago. Sold the blue 91. This truck can also be seen drag racing in my other videos. Video of me (16yrs old) missing 3rd at the end of the video...hahahahah 3" straight pipe Exhaust 3200 governor spring Power screw in until runaway Timing is advanced 3/16" past factory mark Fuel pin is ground down and washer is removed Starwheel down 2 turns Stock intake, and bone stock 18.5cm H1C turbo...for now (12cm on the bench) Also on the way is a Valair 3400# clutch because the stocker in it now is slipping in 4th....

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MY new 91.5 4x4 W250 1st gen Cummins
MY new 91.5 4x4 W250 1st gen Cummins LE with 250k, i sold my GMC to get this. I love it. Its a beast and runs and drives like brand new and is faster than my old GMC was. About 16-17 mpg in town too,

My 91 Cummins 1st gen cold start with no grid heaters
91.5 Cummins 5 speed 4x4, no grids, no block heater. 15* F . Been sitting 2 days. 2 seperate videos I made into 1. Lots of timing advance too :)

91 Dodge Cummins 5spd, 7" stack rolling coal
My buddy was driving again, the same buddy that was driving in my videos a few years ago.

91 Cummins 1st gen 5 speed doing snow donuts with 7" Stack
91.5 Cummins 1st gen 4x4, with a posi, and lots of power, in the snow = fun