1984 AMA Superbike Race at Laguna Seca

The 1984 AMA Superbike race at Laguna Seca featuring Fred Merkel, Wes Cooley, and Dale Quarterley.

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1990 AMA Miami Superbike.mp4
Video of the 1990 Miami "GP" AMA Superbike event. A Ralph Sanchez promoted event.

1990 AMA Superbike & Supersport - Mid-Ohio
Coverage of the two races on The American Sports Cavalcade. Some classic early Screamin' Chief action to be found here. :^) Also the late Larry Schwarzbach at the place he unfortunately lost his life two years later.

1986 AMA Supercross in Silverdome plus Bob Hannah !!
A race report of the SX from Pontiac, MI. The video also has a cool video flashback (4:11) of Bob Hurricane Hannah versus Marty Tripes.

1986 Daytona 200
Eddie Lawson, Schwantz, Merkel, Surtees, Chris Carter, Wes Cooley and yes, even Fujio Yoshimura.