S13 Hatchback BATTLE!

hx35 Built sr @ 18psi (low Boost) with hks step2 264/272, and ITB's VS Bolt on S13 SR @ 14PSI Both cars tuned by ROMisBurning.com

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B20 teggy vs nissan s13 fastback part 1
Two of my friends going at it. My gti is the camera car Teggy mods: b20 swap Exhaust wit stock muffler S13 mods: Exhaust intake and gutter back seats Most runs were in 2nd and first gear

s13 coupe vs hatchback.avi
few s13's driving on the skid pad on DEC 26th 2010 at Thunderhill. Willows, CA

Meanstreets Drift (HD)
Meanstreets put on a drift/car show in Austin TX. Many drifters entered and only one wrecked bad. It was a good turn out, many fans and car lovers came out to see real live drifting. (music- bulletproof laroux, foamo dub) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001352276821&ref=ts http://twitter.com/#!/LITEMAREstudio

RB25 HX35
Stock except for the turbo, injectors, and some porting on the stock Exhaust manifold. Pictures of wastegate install, you can also see the spacer plate used to put the turbo away from the manifold. http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread?id=455617