this is very good saudi driver with lots of control

this is a saudi driver who is performing a stunt without and safety this is all i call risk taking and he is not scared so hats off to him

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very skilled SAUDI driver
don't say it's by chance :)

this is what i call real courage and intellegence who did he risk his own life to save some one else this happend in yemen god bless all the good people in this world it is easy to be bad but it is hard to be good

تزلج المجهول Only in Saudi Arabia
لااحد يتصل على الرقم يا اخوان اضيفوني على 291BD84B تزلج على الاسفلت . تزلج سعودي بالشرقيه تقييمكم لااعدمناكم .-_-. كل واحد يعلق بلي في خاطره ولاا راح امسح ولاا تعليق الااا سب الدين وشاكر لكم

see it to beleive it what happens in saudia arabia part 2
just sit back and watch ???