el tractor loco

tractor loco dando vueltas bomberas

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traktor racing volvo terror
out drift with Volvo terror with b21et engine from Volvo 240 turbo first test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wAYXPNVdfE&feature=plcp builder named Rickard Nilsson filmmaker named Mikael Karlsson swe news http://www.svt.se/wd?widgetId=23991§ionId=556&articleId=581405&type=emb ed&contextSectionId=556&position=18 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TraktorRacingVolvoTerror?ref=hl

Tractor burnout

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Boulder Colorado Floods 2013 Help has arrived! 4 mile canyon pt3
Check my channel, "Kennan" to see my other videos of the flood damage! The flooding completely destroyed huge sections of the road, and made this entire area completely inaccessible to even the most capable 4x4 vehicles. This is Four Mile Creek, along Four Mile Road, maybe 5 miles west of Boulder Colorado. 9/17/2013 I don't have any official numbers, but just being familiar with the creek, I would guesstimate that there is about 15 times more water flowing in the creek than is typical for this time of year, and probably 5 times more than peak flow for any average year. [if someone does have the actual numbers, please message me with them and I will update] What you are seeing in this video is the reconstruction of the creek bed, to restore it to the pre-flood path. These excavator operators started miles down the road, and have restored the path of the creek up to this point. It was a pleasure to watch them perform this restoration work; diverting the water away from the road, and effectively beginning the reconstruction process. The operator who is working from within the creek is especially skilled and it is mesmerizing to watch him work.