Darin's Supra E85 Street Driving

8 sec street car w/ air conditiong. Running on E85 at the moment. Around 800 hp to the ground.

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1000 whp Supra Highway Driving
Out for a cruise in the supra

Best of turbo Monster in the world - Toyota Supra. Best of JDM legend in this video compilation. Cars wiht biggest single and twin turbo engines. Ultimate sounds - STRAIGHT PIPES, Exhaust, burnouts, 2 step and antilag 2jz GTE from the Supra

Darin Supra Test Drive
Playing with my car on the street. Running through the gears a few times to show potential buyers how well it runs and what it sounds like. Lots of fun to drive!

Björck busbil Supra 2010
Toyota Supra MKIV GT47-88 ViPec E85 and a lot of homebuilt shit..