Hanful Bigbock Monaro Drifting, powercruise 31

drift at powercruise 31

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Gold Coast 600 HANFUL HQ GTS MONARO burnouts powerskids
Crowd entertainment in between V8 Supercars races

Hanful Supercharged Hq Monaro Slalom event/burnout Fair Dinkum Aussie Day
Hanful destroying tires as usual during the slalom event at the Fair Dinkum Aussie Day : All Aussy Day Lakeside Park, Queensland

Handful in the wet Powercruise 2013

Mad cab and Hanful going off at Powercruise 50
Cruising in the world maddest Taxi cab at Powercruise 50, This was one wild ride getting sideways and watching Hanful go off.