Changing tensioner pulley on 2001 Dodge Neon

A video showing how to change the tensioner pulley on a Dodge Neon. This pulley tensions the belt for the power steering pump and the air conditioner.

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1hr. 04' Dodge neon idler pulley replacement
Video of how to replace the idler pulley in about an hour on a 2004 Dodge neon, The book says 2.4 hours it doesn't take that long.

How to: 1999-2005 Dodge Neon Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley Replacement
This is an instructional video showing how to change a tensioner pulley on at 1999-2005 Dodge Neon. Please leave comments. Like and subscribe. How this video helps you.

How to replace all engine mounts on dodge neon part2
The middle mount is the hardest to replace it's almost the same like a timing belt replacement on this car... in case with this dodge neon the middle mount bolt broke. the upper mount and lower mount because of this became bad...

Dodge Neon Crushed By Mud Trucks
Crazy weekend at the Redneck Yacht Club. An older body style ford slings some mud up into the back of the Dodge Neon. A custom Chevy on tractor tires comes by and wants to take part in the action. He parks parallel to the neon cuts the wheel and runs it over with the left front tire. Before the forklift could take it away another custom Chevy Silverado truck on tractor tires gets into the mix and pulls both of the front wheels up onto the neon.