Mazda 121 tarmac gymkhana run.

Just a single run through one of the courses in the mazda 121

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Mazda 121 Gravel Sprint. Clubsport nationals 2012 Teretonga
Event is the bent sprint on gravel for the 2012 national clubsport championship, hosted by Southland Sports Car Club.

Old Top Gear 1991 - Mazda 121
Chris Goffey tests the Mazda 121, A new compact city car from Mazda. Taken from season 14 episode 7.

Mazda 121 turbo 5th gear pull 1bar
Wheel bearings are dead.

Mazda 121 Fail
this guy thought it be fun to take a 121 on the pad however didnt make much smoke even though it looked like he had lots of fun in it keeping the hungry crowd on the edge of the seat with the close calls to the wall