Jesse James - Custom Gas Tank - Motorcycle Mania

Hand made Custom Gas Tank - Jesse James - West Coast Choppers

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Jesse James Tank 6 (OLD Motorcicle)

handmade by Jesse James of West Coast Choppers


Steve Wyrick's invisible gas tank being built on American Chopper When at first your efforts tank, try, try again. As Rick of Orange County Choppers noted, “When you do something new like this, chances are you’re not going to get it right the first time.” That was certainly true when it came to the creation of the invisible flame gas tank that illusionist Steve Wyrick had challenged the Teutuls to create when they were building his “custom chopper” to celebrate his 1,000th show at Planet Hollywood and his epic reveal of the bike on the Las Vegas Strip. Jim had never done anything like this before but his idea was to take an existing gas tank and cut out the flames. First, he fills the tank with sand. “We’re making sandcastles,” he cajoles. But, in truth, with so many cuts on so many axes, there is plenty of room for things to go wrong. And it does. Some of the flames are hanging loose as opposed to together and when he puts it on the water jet, sand comes oozing out in some spots because the tank is a lot thinner than he thought. He says he will wait until the next morning to see if it will work out. Rick is busy creating the Exhaust that will make the bike unique. The next morning, Jim gets back to work cutting the flames but encounters a few problems. So he takes the tank to Rick to figure out how to fix it. That’s when they discover that Jason’s tank is taller on the model than the one that Jim put on the water jet. Jason wanted to save the tank but it had too many problems. With the tank going up in flames, so to speak, they went back to the drawing board and brought in a new designer who gave them some good suggestions to avoid the problems of the first tank. It is proving to be an “Exhaustive” process to get art and construction to meet and co-exist.