Duramax Drag Racing at PIR Helmet Cam View

60' 1.587 1/8th 6.827 @ 102.01 10.731@125.43

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Duramax Drag Races Mustang
2005 GMC Sierra 2500hd CCSB built motor, built trans, Danville 72, dual fuelers, 60 overs, Nitrous. Street tires and weighed in at 7000lbs on the nose. Fall 2013 New England Dragway. PS I know I was sleeping at the light. This was just a test and tune so I was more concerned with consistent launches than R/T. I believe I ran 11.6 this pass

Top Fuel Dragster Helmet Cam - Phil Read
Phil Read Elimination round 1 at Perth Motorplex, January 29th 2011. Helmet cam view of Phil's pass. $800 worth of Nitro Methane gone in 2 minutes. Supercharger blows off and yet another fireball in the second half of the pass. Car still ran 4.90, but had more speed at half track than at the finish. Next pass was more steady and much faster - 311mph (501kph) in a virtual dead heat with Phil Lamattina. 4.806 vs 4.808. TOP FUEL is something you HAVE to experience first-hand at some stage in your life, even if just once. And if you like this clip, you'll love this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdtQ1dI-bJk

Duramax Drag Racing Beats GTO and Camaro Z28
Having a little fun on Friday night with my Dmax.

Duramax Drag Racing
10.79@127 in Boise, Idaho