6 rotor Mazda 626 12a Bridgeport Start up

Mazda 626 12a Bridgeport Start up

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1985 Mazda RX7 GS 12A street port dual 36 CDC
Dual weber 36 DCD on rotary engineering intake, racing beat headers no muffler installed right now only headers

Mazda 12A Bridgeport
Mazda 12a bridgeport engine setup for sale.

CBR/Castrol Edge RX2 4 rotor 4 turbo start up

yoeys 1979 mazda rx323 12a rotary
12a bridge port, with racing beat ports, 48mm ida, gilmores, s4 gear box, fresh rebuild 500k's, needs to b Dyno tuned.. pink stickerd due to mirror tint's f.t.p, take them off and it will fly through vtnz =)