Saab 99 EMS 1973 vs Saab 900 Turbo dragrace

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1978 Saab 99 Turbo Aero
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1989 Saab 900 T16S Review
We drive Great Escape's super Saab 900 T16S before stepping into a second highly modified 1987 car simply referred to as 'The Beast'. Full review at

Son Buys Mom Her Dream Car (And Surprises Her With It) [ORIGINAL]
For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Twitter: @coreywwadden E-mail: Since I was a kid growing up in Ontario, my mom's been raving about this car that she's always wanted: an old Saab. Last year, I asked her to point out the exact car, in passing. She pointed out a copper coloured 1973 Saab 99 EMS. [UPDATE] A lot of people have been asking why her dream car is the Saab '73 99 EMS. My mom used to clean houses for a living, and one of the houses she would clean for a few years was a guy who owned a 70's saab 99. He would throw her the keys and let her move the car all the time and she fell in love with it. After 6 months of looking, my friend found one on eBay and I reached out to the seller. It wasn't the same year or colour, but it was close. It was a silver 1974. After talking with him on the phone, I found out he had a lot of collectible Saabs, one of which was the exact make, model, colour and year I was looking for. It took me another 6 months to get it, but surprising her with it made it all worthwhile. For those who are watching and aren't familiar with the project, I'll explain it here: 2.5 years ago, my mom lost her job and I set off on a challenge to earn enough money to financially retire her. I haven't been successful yet, but this is a big milestone in helping to improve her life. She hasn't had a car in a year, and the one before that was falling apart. ------------------------------ Director of Photography: Erik O'Neill Edited by: Erik O'Neill

Saab 99 EMS Rally Teil 2
Saab 99 Bj.1976 im Rallytrimm Dieses Auto startet dieses Jahr bei der Rally Monte Carlo Historic