filtru sport kyd

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Golf IV 1.4 75Hp E85 Fuelcat ECU
lupo intake mainfold, 1.6 injectors, 1.6 throttle body, selfmade intake, fox vsd, powersprint esd, + programmable fuelcat ethanol ecu

VW Golf 4 - Cone filter K&N + Intake for Golf 4 1.4 / 1.6 (for sell) - Sound and Installation
VW Golf 4 1.4 / 1.6 - Filtr stożkowy + Dolot (sprzedaż) / Cone filter K&N + Intake (sell) - Dzwięk i instalacja / Sound and Installation. UWAGA! Użycie w aukcjach allegro lub innych komercyjnych przedsięwzięciach jest zabronione bez zgody autora (proszę pisać).

How to fit an Air filter ( Peugeot 206)
Me fitting a universal air filter to my 1.1 Peugeot 206. Was only created as a college video but has seem to help a lot of people on here so if you have any questions or that, just ask in the comments No longer have the car now drive a Renault clio (might make more instructional videos using that

Sport filter on Ford Focus 1.6 16v
ford focus 1.6 16v cu filtru aer sport scuzati discutia cu tatal meu :D