Zone's Jeep Comanche MJ: Update V (Engine & Suspension))

Now nearing the end of Week 5 of this 6 Week buildup to prepare our '90 Jeep Comanche MJ for the Petersen's 4Wheel & Offroad Ultimate Adventure,. The days are getting longer as the guys rush to finish this Jeep by the deadline. For the first time in 5 weeks the Jeep is finally on the ground and off the hoist. Zone Reps Dave and Carter bring you up to speed on the progress made so far as they try their best to get through the hosting duties on limited sleep. In this video the cage is completed, engine fires for the first time, and suspenison is bolted into place as this Jeep is rolled into the trailer and sent to paint. To watch the entire buildup, check out

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Zone's Jeep Comanche MJ: UA Recap and Damage Report
Dave and Carter are back in the office after 10 days on the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. Watch as the guys get the Jeep up on the hoist and give the damage report from this new rigs first wheeling trip. To watch the entire buildup, check out

Zone's Jeep Comanche, Project MJ: Ultimate Adventure 2012 Prep (Part 2)
Zone Offroad's Jeep Comanche, dubbed Project MJ is in the final stretch of preparation for the 2012 Ultimate Adventure with Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. Body panels are back on it with fresh paint, the 40'' Nitto Mud Grapplers are mounted up on 17'' Walker Evans Beadlocks, JE Reel Driveshafts are installed to the NP-241 Rocktrac T-Case, Rigid LED Lights are installed and the interior is getter wrapped up with a custom dash and PRP seats. With Ultimate Adventure less than 2 weeks away it's almost ready to go! To watch the entire buildup, check out

Zone's Jeep Comanche MJ: Update IV (MJ Stripped, Engine Prepped)
With the Zone Offroad crew back at full strength and temperatures back down in the 70's the guys are picking up steam on Project MJ for this year's Ultimate Adventure. It has come time to pull the rest of the original drivetrain out of the MJ after 21 years and over 200,000 miles of reliable (we're assuming) service. After closer inspection the reason for the relatively rust free underside became apparent as every part of the old drivetrain leaked, causing a thick coating of grime to build up on all drivetrain components and underbody. Several cans of de-greaser, some quality time with the parts washer, and a little elbow grease later and we're on our way to having clean parts to swap over to our Golen 4.6L Stroker that just arrived. This new 4.6L will put out around 270hp and 320tq, a vast improvement over the factory 4.0L. Plenty of other projects going on around the shop, check back in the next couple days to see the new drivetrain and suspension. To watch the entire buildup, check out

Facebook at Instagram at This Kid in this Jeep Comanche wasn't scared to beat on it. There were a few time I thought for sure that he was about to roll it over. Thankfully he didn't since it didn't have a cage inside of it. Check Out BlueFire Outdoors for all your off road Lighting.