Test drive the White Capri

In this vid you get to ride along as I take it for a "romp" around the neighborhood.

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Retro Review: 1983 Mercury Capri RS
Sure, you've seen us test plenty of 80s Mustangs,, but what about the Mercury version? This 1983 Mercury Capri "bubble-back" really wowed our crew back in the day.

Cobra Capri
1983 Mercury Capri- Cobra Motor

Short ride in my 351W powered '85 Mercury Capri
Decided to take my buddy for a spin in my '85 Mercury Capri. It has a 351W with a few mods done to it. I was having trouble with 2nd gear, hence the banging noise while shifting. The video quality isn't that great, but was taken with his I-phone.

Capri Startup
Capri starting.