Final tune completed and set to represent :) With 800+hp at the flywheel, this thing is going to rip!

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S15 SR23VET first dyno!
The's S15 first power run with wastegates pressure(16psi with Boost controller turn off) SR23VET Twinscroll 3076 Blah Blah Blah More to come!

JET200 SR20 - VE Head Conversion Part 1
SR20 VE head conversion on JET200 at Redsun Motorsport &Mechanical. Also Garrett GTX3582R turbo upgrade, new Haltech and turbosmart gear and fab work at Hypertune. The quest for horsepower and lap times never ends!

Nissan 240sx S14 SR20VET (Methanol) runs 8.1 at the drag strip
Guys! Like my FB fan page and ask any questions about my supra!! Found some old videos of our team Dragcar. Nissan 240sx s14 running on methanol. Car have about 1000hp at the crank, sr20vet engine and Lenco gearbox.

Nissan VVL Your Worst Nightmare
Chelo's Nissan VVl Getting ready to be tuned.