1st - 3rd gear - FWD Eclipse

so, this is old as well. I was running a V-trim turbo @ only 15 psi. Probably around 280-300 HP back then. The car is a 99 Eclipse GST.

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family rides in 300hp evo ;)
Stock evo on ebay catback Exhaust ;)

Eclipse 170mph run
Eclipse doing a run to 170 MPH

My 2g GST eclipse, FWD, Cayenne Red, 300+HP, E85, 27PSI, 7bolt, 16g, 1200cc, 255, wally pump, Clean,

1995 Eclipse GSX 11 Second Run Plus Pictures
Clicked off a few more 11 second passes the other night. Car gets driven all of the time, just recently made a straight 12 hour trip non stop without a hiccup. It's still the stock 145k mile block and stock transmission. You take care of your dsm and it will take care of you.