'94 lexus es300 vs suburban race

This is just a joke from 3 years ago when we were 16. Watch my friend burn this suburbans ass after turbo(110mph) complete ownage Driver-Slater shotgun-Vman camera-AG me n Ulo n penis

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RSX type S vs. ES300 Part 1
My RSX-s with i/e/h vs a stock ES300

Single Turbo Supra vs Single Turbo IS300
Single turbo Supra races a built single turbo Lexus IS300. Main specs on both cars are displayed within the video. Footage captured with the Replay XD1080 action camera and as always, all races took place in Mexico and were computer generated! Enjoy!

Z28 Camaro vs Built Suburban
my 94 z28 vs built surburban.... guy calls me out saying his SUV can beat my z28,.,. saying he has a built camed 350 an built transmission.... this isnt a joke a real race i even let him pull ahead of me for a sec or 2...an after me winning the race he tells me not to upload the race .....so like an subscribe for more an check my other videos out!!!!

98' V6 Mustang vs Lexus ES300
Racing my V6 Mustang 5 spd (Stock) against my buddies Lexus from a stop light.