JDM CRX Tribute

JDM CRX Tribute

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Car Life: CRX SI - Music to the Ears – SingularEntity.com
A car purchased during an emotionally hard time in Greg’s life, it became a source of social stress relief; a way for a group of friends to come together and turn wrenches to leave behind the stresses from other aspects of life. Greg’s pursuit of the perfect tone and pitch for his car came from his background in music, and you can appreciate the notable sound of the high compression 1600cc Honda Motor in the cabin. To achieve a perfect blend between intake and Exhaust noises would take a careful selection of parts, and an adamant decision to build the original motor. Greg’s CRX would not be built for the purists but for the enthusiast within him. The CRX became a canvas for Greg to build the ultimate combination of power and nimbleness as he ventured into more and more motorsport events – this is Greg Bruce's car life story. Special thanks to Greg Bruce Cinematography & music produced by Singular Entity – Gary Chan, Austin Tsai, & Jonathan Lau Follow us: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/singularentity Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/singularentitycom

NEW Honda CRX 88-91 EF ED EFparts.com
This is a updated video after some great feedback from a few site that i posted it to. Thank you everyone for the great feedback! :)

A mixed video of the CRX EF8s that i found to be a little bit of all styles. My CRX SI is in here as well as me and my kids working on hondas. All quotes are from the Late Soichiro Honda song- Blood On The Motorway DJ Shadow

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200 foto from honda cr-x in all over the world :P I LOVE CRX { VTEC } The 1988 CR-X Si was named one of Road & Track's 10 Best Cars of All Time. The CR-X was Motor Trend's Import Car of the Millenium for 1990. sry fo the music :P