Stock RSX-S VS. Civic SI and G35

This is my buddies Stock RSX-S Vs. Bolt On Civic SI and Stock G35

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Infinity g35 vs rsx
You tell me what y'all think

Turbo DC2 Vs. Bolt on NSX Vs. Turbo TC
turbo DC2 Vs. Bolt on NSX Vs. turbo TC

civic si 08 vs g35 (60 roll)

08 Civic SI vs. 04 G35
Civic is full bolt on. With passenger. G35 stock. No passenger. G35 didn't stage up more, wanted to do lower RPM but that would just handicap me. Started off not in VTEC, stopped him coming up once I did get inside VTEC. We did more races but all were the same out come.