Compare it! Mercedes SL and Mercedes SLK - the star convertibles square off | drive it

The new Mercedes SLK hits the showroom just in time for summer.Mercedes has been the small SLK roadster for 15 years. That has led many to ask why the carmaker is still selling the SL. The somewhat larger model is 40,000 euros more expensive than the SLK, even though it has a similar engine. The SLK 350 has a 3.5-liter engine under the hood, just like the SL 350, but it produces seven kilowatts less power. Still, it can go from zero to 100 kilometers half-a-second more quickly than the SL because it's lighter - so its 370 Newton meters of torque are applied more quickly. So which would you choose?

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present it! The Mercedes SLK | drive it
Back in 1996, the first SLKs attracted attention - largely due to the car's Vario-roof, which transformed the open roadster into a hardtop coupé at the push of a button.The second generation introduced the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system, which makes driving with the top down pleasurable even at cooler temperatures. Now Mercedes has brought out a third generation SLK, which continues to set trends. It consumes up to 25 percent less fuel than its predecessor, and comes with the option of a Magic Sky Control Roof, to keep heat out on balmy summer days.

Germany - The Hindu Temple in Hamm | European Journal
The town of Hamm is home to Europe's largest Hindu temple. Tens of thousands of worshippers come here for important religious celebrations close to a busy highway.The temple, which is also popular with worshippers from Belgium and the Netherlands, was founded by Tamil refugees when they came to Germany in the 1980's.

Shortage of skilled workers - an opportunity for the unqualified | People & Politics
Germany's economy is booming. So much so that qualified workers are becoming scarce. Politicians have now agreed that the local market for labor should be fully Exhausted before the country looks abroad for qualified workers. Many companies have complained that many German jobseekers have few qualifications. Now they are to get their chance.

Bulgaria: The Nurses | European Journal
Libya's National Transitional Council includes a number of former functionaries of the Muammar Gadhafi regime. One is Mustafa Abdel Jalil Gadhafi's former minister of justice, the man who signed the death sentences against five Bulgarian nurses.The five were used as the regime's scapegoats when 400 children became infected with HIV at a clinic in Benghazi. After a series of show trials, torture and sentencing, the nurses were eventually released in a deal with the West.