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Zabawy Kingway Cobus i Chopper 50


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Building a Chopper Chassis
This 6-minute video shows highlights from the 70-minute long 'Building a Chopper Chassis' DVD.

mini chopper 50 by bolec
moj chopper 50

Choppers Rule The Rogues MC
The Rogues MC in the Netherlands building & riding choppers

Najszybszy w sokolnikach
Kingway Cobus; Osa; Najszybszy w miescie

Prawdziwe palenie gumy Vivacity vs Chopper (też Ogar 900)
Chcieliście na asfalcie, to macie :)

Łoś 50 king chopper
chopper łoś 50 king v-max :P

Chopper Kingway 50cc łoś v-max

Kingway Chopper 50 - porównanie wydechów
Porównanie wydechow pustego i oryginalnego. Róznice sluchac wyraznie. http://www.polskajazda.pl/Motocykle/Benzer/Texas/39812

Kingway Coliber Yamaha Aerox Aprilia Sr
Drifting Kingway Coliber Yamaha Aerox Aprilia Sr

Chopper Harley Burnouts, Bobbers, AC DC
Cool bikes,

メイドインビー チョッパー ~Japan chopper~ 第一弾
1984~2014 メイドインビーは30年間、チョッパーを作り続けてい る メイドインビーが作ったロングフォーク、ロングチョッ パー等のカスタムバイクの一部を紹介します なお、車両は車わく(フレーム改造)申請を陸運局に提 出してあります 1984~2014 Made in Bee is for 30 years. Chopper it is continuing building Some custom made motorbikes Which Made in Bee are in troduced A custom-made motorbike Custom-made motorbike manufacture is carried out. It becomes a Japanese-made motorbike. It can export. Please draw the shape of hope on an illustration and mail it. info@madeinbee.com And this is a homepage. http://www.madeinbee.com/ An estimate is no charge. MADE IN BEE 3-12-8 Azusawa Itabashiku Tokyo Japan TEL +81-3-5970-6000 FAX +81-3-5970-6006

Kingway Chopper 50 porównanie wydechów (stock vs przelot)
Filmik prezentujący tego samego chopper'ka przed i po wymianie wydechu na przelotowy. 0:00 - pokaz z oryginalnym wydechem (stock) 0:46 - pokaz ze zmienionym wydechem na przelot Chopper'ek nie przerabiany, wszystko tak jak w oryginale.

Zombie Chopper Run 3
Zombie chopper run 2011

Two Springs: How to ride a Sugar Bear Chopper
Some Gopro footage over the years of ripping on my Sugar Bear Sportster. Choppers are meant to be rode, not trailered. Footage from Sturgis trip, Philo Beddoe, Born Free, Texas, and other random riding in Las Vegas and other states. Tommy "Two Springs" American Veterans Motorcycle Club Music is Dethklok Dethharmonic

...riding his chopper.
Music: Born to be wild - Steppenwolf, I created a little movie for my friend Killer. He loves riding his little 50cc chopper. Oryginal size: http://www.vimeo.com/4489836

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