Blown 10-Bolt

Here's a video of the Snake Eater blowing the stock 10-Bolt rear in front of the shop on a 1-2 shift.... The spiders had let go and tore up the inside of the carrier... This was the 2nd 10-Bolt on the 5th rebuild... She now sports a brand new Strange 12-bolt w/4.11's

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SNAKE EATER Chirps 4th
Here's a video of the Snake Eater spinning in 2nd, 3rd and chirpin 4th gear on Drag Radials...

Death of a 10bolt
My bad. Trying to get a better time set the rearend to heaven.

Whoops I blew my V8
79 Firebird 301ci finally gives up the ghost during major car rebuild..Progress update

Types of Gm Posi Units
Different types of posi units and limited slip differentials