Blown 10-Bolt

Here's a video of the Snake Eater blowing the stock 10-Bolt rear in front of the shop on a 1-2 shift.... The spiders had let go and tore up the inside of the carrier... This was the 2nd 10-Bolt on the 5th rebuild... She now sports a brand new Strange 12-bolt w/4.11's

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Death of a 10bolt
My bad. Trying to get a better time set the rearend to heaven.

750 HP Vs 12 Bolt
Testing our new set up at the track. LS2 403 with 200 shot of Nitrous. The rear did like it too much. Enjoy the breakage.

98 SNAKE EATER's LS1 Trans Am WS7 up for FOR SALE!!
Here's a little sales video I made for my LS1 Trans Am... It basically gives you a short history of the car as well as a few details that sets it apart from the rest... If you're interested in buying or have any questions, feel free to email me at

GM 10 bolt going out on the Trans am
Differential went out in the Trans am today Not sure what happened yet. Guess it's time to install 3.90's or 4.10's Not enough h.p. to justify a 12 bolt or 9 inch yet