low 11's on 19psi

One of my 11 second passes with the Holset HX35 on 19psi and pump gas

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Cigarette lit by antilag
A guy tries to light his cigarette using the antilag on my civic

Antilag with crome
Workin out the bug on the antilag at the reacetrack in spokane using crome

Holset hx35 gsr civic
best burnout. worst recording job lol

Team4 Drag Civic - 12.1
The guys from Team4 test run their new Civic drag car. It managed a 1/4-mile in 12.1 sec at only 50% Boost. Unfortunately this run lifted the head and they couldn't do a better run that day. Trying again in September 2007! Car info: "We poked in an LS Bottom end with Scat Ib-eam Rods, 9.0:1 compression Mahle slugs, ARP head studs stock B16 head with GSR Cams. Hairdryer is a HX35-Y trim off of a 3500 Dodge Diesel, custom manifold, downpipe and Exhaust, plus a few extras which I wont go into details here about."