low 11's on 19psi

One of my 11 second passes with the Holset HX35 on 19psi and pump gas

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turbo civics ,READY EF egsinz
here EG sinz gets destroyed by mr ready ef

Holset hx35 gsr civic
best burnout. worst recording job lol

Faraz B16 Run
Faraz Bhai B16T Run (Built by Asad). Its a Civic Ferio with Honda B16 with holset HX-35 with a twin scroll housing on 21psi (1.5 Bar)

*DSM* Holset HX35 vs FP Green
Here's a very impromptu vid showcasing the very popular HX35. I showed a few of its highlights and somewhat compared it to a FP Green. Im sure it'll be a great addition to my setup. Enjoy and thanks for watching.