low 11's on 19psi

One of my 11 second passes with the Holset HX35 on 19psi and pump gas

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Holset hx35 gsr civic
best burnout. worst recording job lol

F2d civic turbo holset hx35
F2d civic turbo holder hx35

Holset hx35 checkup
Here is the stock turbo on my 97 ram. It's a holset hx35w. I removed the silencer ring on the inlet and polished the cover, it's dusty as you can see. There is Zero shaft play in all directions. You can see my forearm flex as I try to wiggle it with zero movement. The bearings are excellent as it take quite a while to spin to a stop considering it's a hydrodynamic bearing, at idle, 117k miles and Boosts 40+ psi daily. The next owner will be super lucky.-truck is traded as of 5/6/2010-

Turbo D16y8 Holset Hy35 Turbo 22psi
Only good run of the night