Gilles Villeneuve - Nature's Law

My final tribute to the ultimate racing driver. Comments appreciated.

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Gilles Villeneuve - Piece by Piece
This is my tribute to the great Gilles Villeneuve. Like Senna he was a magician behind the wheel and like Graham Hill he was extremely popular. Gilles sprung to fame after beating a number of drivers in a race. The whole of Europe sat up and took notice of this shy and fearless little French-Canadian. Many people blame Pironi for his death, other blame his sometimes reckless driving style. However, all I know is he was a talented driver and could have been a world champion many times over. 'Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.' I dedicate this to the honourable Gilles. *Just for the record all the footage used belongs to the respective owners as well as the song. I thank them for helping me make this video. Love F1? Join my forum:

Gilles Villeneuve Tribute [HQ]
A little tribute video I made to one of the fastest and best formula 1 drivers in history. Music: James- Getting away with it Trevor James. The Glade Part II

Sky Sports F1 2012: Gilles Villeneuve memorial
2012 Spanish GP Qualifying

Prince of Destruction
LIfe of Formula One Ferrari Driver Gilles Villeneuve Promo for feature film