2010 GT-R Vs BMW X5M

Sleepdoc in his 2010 GT-t with only two mods vs a tune only BMW X5M Drag Race at PBIR More BMW videos at http://www.tothefloor.com

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X5M vs GTR

BMW X5M Mafia
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BMW Euro Coding: 2010 BMW X5M
Something we have been getting more inquiries about is euro coding. Euro coding unlocks features on your BMW that were not optioned/offered on your vehicle at the time of purchase when new. Features such as remote side mirror folding/unfolding, window controls, and closing the motorized trunk are just a few things. All this happens by the use of the key fob. In this video, we have used our 2010 BMW X5M as the test unit for one of the first ever remote start systems using your existing BMW key fob as well. If you are interested in giving your BMW vehicle a euro coding service and more, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and pricing!

Hennessey Cadillac CTSV vs. BMW X5M with tune - Drag Video - Road Test TV
Hennessey modified Cadillac CTS-V with drag radials and an automatic transmission vs. a 2011 BMW X5M with a tune Please SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=roadtesttv