arnie's altered wheelbase

Arnie beats up on his car

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Altered Wheelbase Plymouth Construction part 1
After several nights staring, measuring and cutting, the rear segment of the plymouth is free. It's time to relocate everything 15" forward. This is the first attempt so I ran into a few snags that required some additional cutting for clearence. Then the camera died so if you are still interested check out part 2. This project started with a nice '65 Plymouth Belvedere II from Colorado. The car was dipped clean and sprayed with e coat. It will get the full "Match Bash" A/FX treatment and retain leafs in the rear and torsion bars in front, along with an 18 spline 4 speed and dana 60 rear.

Eight minute promo from the full length video available through Jim Amos' Bee On Video. Includes drag racing from the '61, '62, '63, '64 US Nat's and York US 30 Drag Strip. Feature events at York include the 1965 and 1969 Super Stock Nat's. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds. Visit us at

mr. rich's altered wheelbase burnout
mr. rich's altered wheelbase burnout

Dodge A100, Richad's AFX at Bremerton, May 5, 2003
Richard still pulls off a good run even when his lovely AFX (built by himself!) parts ways with one of its Hilborn stacks. Also a nice hot pink (well the color ain't nice!) A100 pickup shows how it's done. Enjoy!