2004 Ford Focus SVT ZX5

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5 Things I HATE About My SVT Focus!
I jumped on the bandwagon and made a "5 things I hate about my car" video. These are my opinions (obviously) about a few issues I have with my SVT Focus. If there are any other owners out there, let me know what your issues are with your car! I will be uploading a "5 things I like about my car" video very soon. Thanks for watching and have a great day! 5 Things I Like About My SVT Focus: link coming soon

Modified 2003 Ford Focus SVT - One Take
There was a time before Ford's fast cars all had turbochargers and set the standard for manic, Boosted fun. In the early 2000's, Ford's SVT Focus looked more like a Honda Civic SI than a VW GTI. With a free-revving 2.0L engine, a six-speed gearbox, and a steering rack so good, SVT installed it into the 2005 Ford GT, the SVT Focus is an under appreciated, lively performer in a world cluttered with boring cars. Check out the whole mod list on Wheelwell! https://goo.gl/gCeehE

2004 SVT Ford Focus Overview
Hot Hatch for the masses ! Neat little hot rod !

2004 Ford Focus SVT Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive
Help us grow so we can bring you more videos! Like us on Facebook @ http://www.Facebook.com/2Redline Meet the current Focus ST's dad, the original SVT Focus. Often a forgotten model in the Focus line-up, it was really ahead of its time back in the early 2000's. Today, this models interior really hasn't aged well in our eyes, but the exterior styling and driving dynamics still impress. If you happen to find one of these rare vehicles on the used car market, snatch it up while you can.