Burnt Sport Trac getting pulled by a Tacoma

I was helping my buddy pick up trash after a forest fire. We took a break and when we went back outside my Sport Trac was in flames. The fire department was several houses down so they were able to put it out quickly. We were moving it because the grass was starting to burn by the gass tank and it has a full tank.

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Sport Trac off road at AllWheels 2
Sport Trac off Roading at AllWheels in Lewiston ME

Sport trac 4X4 en lodo
sport trac 4x4 mudding atascadero en el ranchito

Ford Sport Trac Competitive Comparison
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2002 Ford Sport Trac lifted 4X2 in Big Bend National Park
Look at my lifted 4x2 Sport Trac! Amazing axel articulation from the removal of front and rear sway bars allows my 2002 Sport Trac to handle this!