Lexus Burn off Spin

Aiden Fecking about in the Lexus 200

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Lexus IS 200 Sport - first drift practice
This is my first try at drifting and my first RWD car. Car is totally standard, Sport version with Limited Slip Differential

新極速專業汽車音響影音 LEXUS IS-200專用電視螢幕+觸控導航 銷售安裝
台中 新極速專業汽車音響影音 本店位於台中市西屯區何厝街41號 連絡專線0935-927778 歡迎蒞臨指教 改裝LEXUS is200 汽車音響 專用螢幕觸控導航

Lexus IS200 Burnout @ Japan All Stars 2008
Der alljährliche Lexus Burnout beim Japan All Stars 2008 in der Windbergarena in Freital bei Dresden.

lexus is 200 cam belt installation / idle and tensioner pullys
cam belt change on a lexus 2,0 gasoline model 2000 tensioner pully idle pully