Porsche Carrera vs. Vauxhall Astra Van

Who says money buys class?!..... 997 Porsche Carrera vs. a Vauxhall Astra van with a 2.3 Saab b234 turbo lump running 1.5bar and around 290bhp....

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Mk4 Astravan start to finish
Here is a short movie i made of my 1999 mk4 Astravan from the day i got it to now.

v6 astra van conversion
astra van v6 conversion work in progress Also check out part 2 in my videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKVk-X-zs3g

0-60mph @ 9.1 seconds in a 1.7dti vauxhall astra van
0-60mph @ 9.1 seconds in my 2001 vauxhall astra 1.7dti van. Ecu mod and induction kit kicking out about 105bhp.

Astra van-Saab power
Pvs 2012, this van was just getting faster and faster on each run, would love to know the final figures!