Datsun 240Z L28ET ITB First Startup

After a 3 year on and off process she started today on the first try. Besides needing some tuning she is running pretty good! Next comes the turbo!

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280Z L28 3.0L / Engine Rev and Exhaust Sound
Rebello 3L with ported head, valve train work, and cam. Produced 297hp @ 6700RPM at Rebello's facility. This was about the 3rd start after a light tune.

Datsun 280zx NA 3.2ltr 310hp stroker ITB's
Les Collins & Peter Mcdonnell Racing : 0409 321 029 In Victoria, Australia Nissan/Datsun 1983 280zx 2+2 3.2ltr stroker LD-28 Kameari Crank 83mm stroke 90mm bore / 138mm Kameari rods Forged pistons with valve relief N42 head / F54 Block comp 10:6:1 Valves IN46 EX35 300*D 590*L Reground Schneider cam Kameari twin idler gears/BHJ Dynamics H damper EFI Hardware Pro race ITB's tapered bore 50/48/45 Haltech platinum sport 2000 ECU Close ratio FJ20 turbo box 5 Speed ,Kameari race gears/short shift 4:375 R200 kazz LSD diff Stewert wilkins modified headers for stroker/full 3inch SS mandrel bent Exhaust system. Rev limit: 7700rpm torque comes in 3300rpm Engine Dyno : 310hp Rolling Dyno : 180Kw 244hp atw

A passionate Journey. The timeless performance of the Datsun 240Z Track: Laguna Seca Raceway Car: 1970 Datsun 240Z "Green Hornet" Driver: Greg S. Les Collins Racing Engine Build (L Series) LCR Direct drive gearbox C&R Racing Cooling system OS GIKEN twin plate clutch & LSD Solex-Mikuni Carburation AP Racing Brakes Arizona Z Car modified suspension Performance Fabrication Chassis reinforcements More info here: Video Production: Vision Wells | On-Track Video Productions Camera(s): Canon XA20, ContourROAM2, ContourGPS, ContourPLUS, Contour+2, GoPro HERO4 (4K)

Quick Walk Around Datsun 240Z L28ET