Datsun 240Z L28ET ITB First Startup

After a 3 year on and off process she started today on the first try. Besides needing some tuning she is running pretty good! Next comes the turbo!

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Quick Walk Around Datsun 240Z L28ET

280Z L28 3.0L / Engine Rev and Exhaust Sound
Rebello 3L with ported head, valve train work, and cam. Produced 297hp @ 6700RPM at Rebello's facility. This was about the 3rd start after a light tune.

280z running on megasquirt
1 of the first starts

Datsun 240Z Built in Dubai ITB Stroker 3.0L
1970 Datsun 240Z Engine Specs: L28 Stroked to 3.0L, Kemeari High Compression Pistons, 290 Camshafts, High performance rockers and springs, Kemeari light weight pulley damper, OS Giken Dual plate clutch, Kemeari 6-2 Headers, Kemeari True Dual Exhaust System, CSR electric water pump, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator, Injector Dynamics 720CC Injectors, OER ITB kit, EFI Hardware Australia Distributor Kit, MSD LS Coil, MSD Spark Leads, Motec M84 EMS Tuned By Ahmed Omar, Motec Mini Dash Display, Koyo Radiator, Flex A lite Radiator Fan. Body: PanasportZ wheels 16X7 Kumho 205/55 R16 Techno Toy Tuning Weld On Coilover Kit Techno Toy Tuning Rear Lower control arms KYB Shock Absorbers Silvermine motors brake system