SCANIA R500 op de vermogensbank

SCANIA R500 op de vermogensbank bij Terlouw Holland, Output before tuning 532Hp/2471Nm, Output after tuning: 569Hp/2677Nm.......

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Scania V8 Tuning
Can we make a beautiful and powerful Scania V8 even better? Yes, we can. We hooked up a powerhouse to a brake Dyno for measuring our ability to improve an already impressive performance. Our aim is to improve both driving comfort and fuel economy, exactly the stuff that we at Ylivoimala are really good at. Thanks to our programming the Scania now runs with 10% less fuel, yet has more power than ever before!

Erik Groot 164L V8 480 & Richard Boekweit R500 V8.m4v

verlaagde cross Kever
deze korte film, gaat over een verlaagde cross auto (kever), waarvan de carberateur afgestelt wordt, op de vermogensbank gefilmd door : Nico

de grote remtest
Zomaar wat de domme mensen op de weg....