Strictly Modified 950R DSM PUMP GAS

A Strictly Modified Built DSM makes it to the track 11/02/2009. Even though this car is only on pump gas it still managed to trap @ 130MPH!!! Stay updated, the rear end broke yesterday which limited pour customer to some seat time, but that will be fixed and back to the track this weekend. =)

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CTS-V TT vs. 1g DSM E85 HX40 dig money race
Grudge race between the infamous "leased" CTS-V Twin turbo and a stock motor, HX40, E85 1g DSM from a dig for $$

2g mitsubishi eclipse gsx the beast idle
mitsubishi eclipse gsx awd turbo dsm 2geezy the beast my 2g fully built 1g head 280 cam idle, 2,4l stroker g4cs kandy cobalt blue fp HTA ball bearing turbo, slowboys sheet metal, ETS ultra short route i/c kit. 1000cc injectorsi apexi ss Exhaust. 580hp 535fpt on q116 oct @ 30 psi. mitsubishi eclipse gsx turbo awd

6765 EVO vs DRAG HONDA.wmv

800hp Supra dyno with a 6765 billet turbo - I Dynoed my Supra today with e85 with one of those neat billet 6765 turbos (.96 AR and largest compressor H cover ) It made 801rwhp/760rwtq at 28psi on an AEM tuned by Chris Hamilton. Amazing stuff, we did not have to do anything different than how it would run on the street. We left the air filters on the car, no ice, no Nitrous nothing. We made 5 pulls and with minor tuning went from 760,775,780 to 801. Car has HKS 264 cams, 4" Exhaust, 1000ccID injectors, 2 Bosch 044 pumps, Racelogic, 6 speed with a Carbonetics triple carbon, TRD diff, IK24's, etc. It makes full Boost at 4500 rpm and we were reving out to 8000 rpm, power falls off slightly after 7000rpm. ID1000's flow 1000cc at 30psi, I run them at 80-100base fuel pressure which equals to 1800cc worth of fuel.