G8 GT vs 2010 Camaro SS

2009 G8 GT w/ Cortex 91 Vararam tune/ Vararam CAI 2010 Camaro SS M6 w/ some sort of Cold Air Intake Camaro used launch control for consistency reasons due to it being 40 degrees F.

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Pontiac G8 GT vs Camaro ZL1
via YouTube Capture

G8 GT vs Camaro SS round 2
SS took the win

New Camaro Vs. New G8
Race Racing.....Camaro Didn't Win

G8 GT vs Camaro SS vs Mustang GT
G8 GT vs 2010-12 Camaro SS vs 99-04' Mustang GT (Rematch) .. really came out to practice my stage, ended up only getting 2 passes in for the night. wreck on the track