Mazda Gtx New Zealand Boosting-Wastegate

Stock Mazda with 38mm waste gate and 10psi.

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evo vs gtr tug of war
evo , gtr mazda mitsubishi 7rs Boosting wastegate skidding heli drift clutch kick 500hp closed road fun burnouts helis skids noone encourages dangerous or unsafe public driving..all filmed under controlled circumstances and enviroments

mazda gtx power bitchs
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Mazda 323 Gtr 13b
Gtr 13b

1988 Mazda 323 GTX first Drive
Ok, I did drive it out of the garage, but other than that, this is the fiirst time this car has moved with the new (to me) engine and tranny, or at all under its own power in a long, long time. I kept it short, since it has no Exhaust, and the tag is expired...