CRAZY Ferrari 458 Italia full throttle acceleration and start up in Paris !!

I spotted this crazy 458 in streets of Paris when I was waiting for the Bugatti Veyron L'or Blanc I hope you enjoy this video : thanks for watching :) PLEASE don't forget to comment and Subscribe !!

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Ferrari 458 italia INVASION in Paris - Start up, accelerations, revs and ride !!
In english Volkswagen means the people's car. I think Ferrari could call the italia the ReichenWagen because it's the rich people's car who live in Paris !! :) In 2 months, I spotted something like 10 differents 458 Italia, and I just love it !! It's a V8 of 570hp and a fantastic sound, isn'it ?? I hope you enjoy this video, suscribe for more :)

STOP! 458 tries to CRASH the Veyron L'Or Blanc
Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: My Vlogs: ------------------------------------------ INFO BELOW! ------------------------------------------ Camera: Sony CX700 Location: Paris Watch the almost disasterous moment when a Ferrari 458 performs some bizarre driving to move out of a space and almost causes huge damage to the unique Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc. Fortunately the only damage he causes is crunching his own alloy on the kerb! You will have to ignore the squeel in shock at what it looked like was about to happen! Thanks for watching, Tim

LOUD Ferrari 458 Italia - Full Throttle accelerations in Vienna
supercarsofaustria spotted a black Ferrari 458 Italia in Vienna. The Video shows many Full Throttle acceleration. It is a realy loud car! It have a Capristo Stage 2 Exhaust

Ferrari 458 Italia goes extremely CRAZY in Düsseldorf [HD]
The best supercar SOUNDS! of the 458. Words can´t describe that sound experience!!!! Visit and "like" our Facebook page to stay informed about our newest pictures and videos - After making this video, we realized that this ferrari driver defintely is the craziest supercar driver in Düsseldorf. The driver makes a little powerslide at 00:21 and at 00:52 there is a amazing contest between 458 and R8 V10. At the end of the video you can see a amazing ride in the 458 Italia, which we uploaded before on this channel, but we think that the ride fits very well to the sound collection. Watch in HD!!!