Halls Winter Rally 2011 - Utena, Lithuania

Music: The Prodigy - wake the ... Footage and montage: Audrius Gavėnas Results: http://hallswinterrally.lt/

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Halls Winter Rally 2012 - Žiemos ralis 2012
More rally news and photos: www.15min.lt & www.gazas.lt & www.automanas.lt Results: http://hallswinterrally.lt/en/ Music: AC/DC - Back in Black (Samples Remix) On-boards: Remigijus Veikalas and Pranas Švedas (BMW Compact) Mantas Jakubonis and Mindaugas Kašalynas (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X)

Must see: "Flying cars" stunt show in Vilnius (World record)
Three world records were set in capital of Lithuania. 1. The largest sphere (almost 13 meters high) 2. Loop with motorcycle in almost 13 meters high sphere. 3. 12 loops with car in almost 13 meters high sphere. (Driver: Jurij Risnovskij) Photo and more: http://www.15min.lt/gazas/naujiena/autosportas/vingio-parke-skraide-automob iliai-kaskadininkai-rode-paprastiems-zmonems-neikandamus-triukus-25-509684# _

Lesta Drag Show in Palanga (with Toyota Supra, BMW altered, Nissan GT-R)
Drag race in 1000 km race circuit in Palanga. More info: http://www.15min.lt/gazas/naujiena/autosportas/traukos-lenktynese-palangoje -nugalejo-toyota-supra-atrodanti-kaip-is-kitos-dimensijos-25-516283 All results: http://www.zaibelis.lt/

300 Lakes Rally 2012 - Zarasai, Lithuania
Music by: Linkin park - Burn It Down "300 Lakes Rally 2012" Event date and location: August 17-18th, 2012 Lithuania, Zarasai region (219 km from Riga, 527 km from Tallinn, 146 km from Vilnius) Event status: • Lithuanian Rally Championship Round V • Baltic Rally Challenge Round III Competition profile: Total distance of the rally course: 455,68 km Number of SS: 15 Number of stages to be run twice: 1 Overall length of SS: 126,47 km Road surface: 83,8% (105 km) gravel, tarmac 16,2% (29,35 km) all tarmac stages consist of gravel segments.