Truck almost breaking through ice

Truck getting stuck ice fishing

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Brand new ford f-150 truck falls thru the ice on lake whoulsly
Driving down the road saw a new ford f-150 front end went threw the ice another ford attempted to pull it out but fails so my gmc did the job 40ft of water truck would have sank .

MUST SEE!! snowmobile through ice FAIL
AS SEEN ON TV!! My 2 brothers were trying to ride on open water with his new snowmobile. The first time worked out, but then my other brother tried going and the ice was too thin.No one was hurt, but still its an AMAZING video!! 400,000 views...

'Ice Tsunami' Video, Photos: Wall of Ice Rises Out of Lake, Destroys Homes
A tsunami-like wave of ice called an ice heave destroyed a dozen two-story homes in Minnesota. For more GMA, click here:

Ice Breaker
(pay close attention to the second truck, and everything that happens after that)