Truck almost breaking through ice

Truck getting stuck ice fishing

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Ice Breaker
(pay close attention to the second truck, and everything that happens after that)

Silverado off roading to save stranded hunters.
After Caleb slid 200 yrds off the road in a freak snow storm we had to chain up and dig to get him back on the road.

Brand new ford f-150 truck falls thru the ice on lake whoulsly
Driving down the road saw a new ford f-150 front end went threw the ice another ford attempted to pull it out but fails so my gmc did the job 40ft of water truck would have sank .

Vehicles fall through Prior Lake
This is a video of several vehicles that parked on Prior Lake located in Prior Lake Minnesota on December 26, 2006. The ice was less than 7 inches thick. You almost feel bad for these people but when they are to lazy to park on the street that is located less than 200 yards from where these vehicles went in it is hard to feel sorry for people that just don't think. To make matters worse, they all parked on top of each other. Way to go boys. Way to go.