Scarecrow Labs - 20080804 - 3.5hp Genset Runs on HHO

Testing the performance of the EBN, Inc. (Energy Builders Network) prototype 101 plate electroyser. During this test, we run a 3.5hp, 1500va Generator on HHO. Just to show it can be done. These are the stats: Engine is a 3.5hp 4-cycle, 87cc Generator is capable of 1200w continuous with 1500w peaks Electrolyser is powered from 120vAC house current rectified to 146vDC at 13 amps. Gas volume produced is about 9 liters per minute. It has has 101 316L stainless steel plates in an 8" x 8" form factor. So there is no misunderstanding, no, the generator is not able to put out enough juice to power the electrolyser. Yet.

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Genset running 100% with HHO Generador de 220v funcionando con HHO
Genset Goldex 200cc, 2.2kw, running first with 4 lpm HHO and 500w load and 7 lpm 1kw load with 7 lpm of HHO. Este generador puede funcionar con HHO puro, 4 lpm para una carga de 500w y 7 lpm para una carga de 1kw

generator running on hho testing Pt.8
well here we go guys

Engine generator runing 100% with water and OXYHN no HHO or gas Brown
This engine generator runing with water and OXYHN Is not HHO or gas Brown more info at

HHO Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas 5-31-2008
Please Subscribe to our channel and leave your Positive and Negative comments Respectfully and Rate are video. HHO Flashback Arrestor's For Sale on E-Bay **30 Days $ MONEY BACK Guaranteed** This HHO Gas Technology Flashback Arrestor is one-of-a-kind in the world and there is no comparison to any Flashback Arrestor. Its superior performance surpasses all Flashback Arrestor's worldwide in performance with customer satisfaction. HHO Gas Technology offers a 30 day money back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with its performance. What are you waiting for Flashback Arrestor damage failure from old technology to your machine or move up to the new technology. Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas 5-31-2008 We ran another test again on June 6, 2008 and our findings were as follows. When the engine is not getting enough HHO gas and it is running slow as you see in the video it has the tendency of backfiring. We doubled the balloons one inside another that add more pressure and the engine ran a lot faster without any backfires. We will be doing another demonstration video demonstrating with the welder producing the hydrogen oxygen gas.