Scarecrow Labs - 20080804 - 3.5hp Genset Runs on HHO

Testing the performance of the EBN, Inc. (Energy Builders Network) prototype 101 plate electroyser. During this test, we run a 3.5hp, 1500va Generator on HHO. Just to show it can be done. These are the stats: Engine is a 3.5hp 4-cycle, 87cc Generator is capable of 1200w continuous with 1500w peaks Electrolyser is powered from 120vAC house current rectified to 146vDC at 13 amps. Gas volume produced is about 9 liters per minute. It has has 101 316L stainless steel plates in an 8" x 8" form factor. So there is no misunderstanding, no, the generator is not able to put out enough juice to power the electrolyser. Yet.

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Genset running 100% with HHO Generador de 220v funcionando con HHO
Genset Goldex 200cc, 2.2kw, running first with 4 lpm HHO and 500w load and 7 lpm 1kw load with 7 lpm of HHO. Este generador puede funcionar con HHO puro, 4 lpm para una carga de 500w y 7 lpm para una carga de 1kw

Pure Hydrogen Separator Cell by Hydrobullet part 1 (Not HHO)
Visit our website: Pure Hydrogen Separator Cells are advanced Hydrogen Systems, that completely break and separate the water into its two parts: Hydrogen and Oxygen (Not Hydroxy - HHO ). Pure Hydrogen goes to the vehicles air intake and operates as a reinforcing combustion which helps *complete nearly the entire quantity of fuel* that goes to the rollers of your engine. Clean Oxygen is released in the atmosphere. The most advanced engine ever built uses only 47% of fuel elapsing through the engine in comparison with common engines in our cars using 30% to 35% of fuel elapsing through it, while the rest is vaporized as unburned HydroCarbons (HC). Pure Hydrogen Kits offer Over 30% Gas Savings and come complete with all parts required for the installation. Visit our website: E-mail us:

HHO install in a 2006 Ram 1500 - 4
I have changed my cell configuration to 16 plates with 0.1025 spacing and upped my electrolyte concentration to 1.25 tsp/gal. I was really surprised by the output, 10 less plates and 13 less amps and I am still producing 2.73 liters of HHO per minute. Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be running a 4 cell version of this. Today it was putting out 3 liters per minute at 5.18MMW, Then I'll try a 5 neutrals and if I have time the 5 cell 4 Neutral with double gaskets.

HHO Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Conversion DIY Gas Generator Build
My first try to build and connect a home made DIY hydrogen generator to power the car and make it run on water. Ford 1.3 engine. Wet washer fuel cell construction, one stack only. Electrolyte solution prepare, and HHO gas output testing. PART 2