Alpina B5 exhaust note

Stock Alpina B5 external Exhaust note. More details about Alpina's B5:§ion=2

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BMW Alpina B5S (E60) acceleration sound and fly-by
In September 2007, at the IAA motorshow, Alpina replaced the B5 with the even faster B5S with 530 bhp and 725 Nm. The B5S was available both in Limousine and Touring versions. As BMW ended E60 production, the B5S Limousine was phased out in 2009 and the B5S Touring in 2010. Engine/Gearbox From March 2007, the B5 has a new generation ZF 6HP26 6-speed gearbox, which shifts considerably faster. As an option, a limited slip differential is available. The B5S differs from the facelift version of the B5 only in terms of engine management and gearbox software. Therefore facelift versions of the B5 can be upgraded to B5S specification. Suspension/Brakes/Wheels There are no changes to suspension or brakes from the B5. The sedan model received new 20-inch wheels with 245/35 and 285/30 tires. As an option, 19-inch wheels are available with 245/40 and 275/35 tires. Interior/Exterior Optionally, the B5S was available with a diffusor integrated in the rear bumper. Most B5S were delivered with this option. Performance Acceleration from 0-100kph improved to 4,6 seconds. Top speed increase to 317kph for the sedan and 313kph for the Touring model.

2006 BMW VS ALPINA B5S 2008 Rolling start from 60km/h till 260km/h

BMW M5 (E60) vs Alpina B5

BMW Alpina B5S 320km/h CROATIA
Bmw Alpina first time in this car, and my first time in car over 300 km/h :)