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Marcey Kewish, GMC Product Development Engineer on Chassis Control, is proud to have grow up in the Michigan Automotive Industry with a mechanic father who worked in a machine shop. After Marcey graduated from the University of Michigan she already knew she wanted to carry on the tradition and work in the automotive industry. Currently she is going back to school to get her masters and has to balance work life, personal life, and school life which exhibits the qualities of what it takes to be Professional Grade. This drive for achievement carries over in her work at GMC. She is proud to be responsible for the "button on the dashboard with the squiggly lines". This button, for the Stabilitrak system, she develops for full size heavy duty trucks and vans. At the GM Proving Grounds she attempts to replicate driving situations that require Stabilitrak, such as a truck and trailer going into a jackknife, similar to a guy who would be hauling a fifth wheel camper on vacation. Her focus on achieving great things contributes to GMC's dedication to build the world's best vehicles. For more information visit

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GM Stabilitrak
Stabilitrak: A Proactive Roll Avoidance/Roll-Over Mitigation system for GM vehicles.

How Effective is Stability Control
5th Gear tests stability control and ABS and shows how much of a difference it can make on one of the worst surfaces we drive on - Ice.

Traction Control, Stabilitrak, Brake Control Function, RPM Limiter- BYPASS
My short Demonstration on what happens even when you turn them off. The computer still senses the tires spinning/slipping and tries to regulate the RPMs and braking. This Toggle switch I wired in to BYPASS the computer for on demand offroad use, without having to pull fuse #9 under the hood. 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 Link to my video on which wires to splice click here!!!

2014 Chevy Silverado Stabilitrak Issues part 4
SAFETY ISSUE Keep in mind this is in the middle of a residential street making a U turn moving at slow speed, truck will not accelerate and steering is not allowing us to make the turn, after a couple of attempts truck shuts off.