RB26 350z

an RB26 swap in a 350z

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GT-R RB26 Twins vs Single Turbo - MYTHBUSTED
The never ending debate for RB26 owners. Low mount twins our single when upgrading from stock turbos and your looking for the best balance of response and power. Our R32 GT-R project car already had 10-second performance and was a responsive daily driveable street car, but would a single make it better or worse? We do a back to back comparison between low mount bolt-on twins and a medium frame GTX3582R turbo to see which is better, with results taken from: - The Dyno - The dragstrip - The road We've made up our mind. Will you? Purchase full length Motive DVDs here: http://www.motive.bigcartel.com/ Our RB26 Twins vs Single turbo Mythbusted caused and ended some arguments. Some of the arguments were down right silly while some valid questions were raised, so we put together this blog post of Frequently Asked Questions and Statements to help settle some more arguments and answer some more questions. http://motivedvd.com/motive/2015/07/31/rb26-twins-vs-single-mythbusted-freq uently-asked-questions-and-statements/

RB26 350z
A Nissan 350z powered by the almighty RB26 at Lethal Injection Dyno day. It has been stroked out to 2.7L and remains a twin turbo set up.

RB26 350z dyno

Nissan 350Z RB26DETT