Audi parking FAIL, Motorcycle WIN

The motorcycle is a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic that I'm borrowing for the weekend. The camera is a Drift HD170. Animal noises make censorship FUN!

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LJ is a short, fat boy??
You prob'ly think this vlog is about you, don't you, don't you... (bonus points if I got the song stuck in your head)

Fail Compilation|| Merry-Go-Round Fails
Who is the weakest link? Hilarious Battlefield 4 montage here:

Best motorcycle parking ever?
Is ths the Best motorcycle parking ever? Great for supermoto's! STICKER GIVE AWAY! I had 20 stickers left over for The Big Plan that I am going to give away! How its going to work! -I will give one sticker away per video starting with this one and continuing until I run out. This is 12 of 20. -One person will be picked from the comments at random using this will be done after the video has been live for 72hrs (3 days). -I will send the person picked a PM via YouTube to get your address to send you the sticker worldwide! -The sticker will be yours to do what ever you want with, I take no responsibility for where you stick it! -DO NOT! PM me asking for a sticker you will not get one! and remember this is random so groveling in the comment wont help lol SPAM the comments with multiple comments "for no reason", I will be checking if the person picked has done this and if I find they have I will pick again till I have a fair winner! I retain the right to cancel this at any time, I take no responsibility for loss or damage in the postal system. Good Luck! Facebook: Twitter:!/spicy110sm Bike: Sinnis Apache 125cc with D.E.P 3 Exhaust. Helmet: Icon Variant _____ Want a action camera like mine? Use code "IAMSPICY" for 10% off! The code will not work on items already under a offer, But it will with some so worth a try! . ............. If you like what you see and want to support the channel, any support is thankfully received. paypal: ZJ67FNN

this crazy dude shows how to ride a motorbike during rush hour - WIN
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