Audi parking FAIL, Motorcycle WIN

The motorcycle is a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic that I'm borrowing for the weekend. The camera is a Drift HD170. Animal noises make censorship FUN!

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Laurie Jennifer - 2012 [EPIC REVIEW]
**FULL VIDEO LIST AND LINKS HERE: YouTube was not allowing it in the video description** Thanks for sharing so many great memories this past year. Here's to a great 2013! This compilation took longer than I'd care to admit. It was worth it, though! Dedicated to my friends and subscribers. My Facebook:

Laurie Jennifer's KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE Test Ride!
I got to test ride a 1290 Super Duke. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride a "real" motorcycle! As this was an official KTM event, I had to keep it tame, but I still got a small taste of the bike's potential. Watch my speedometer on those roll-ons! I am 5'5" and 100lbs, since I know you will ask... and probably not read this video description. Heh. I will say that though I found this bike easy to ride, I do have over 100,000 miles on two wheels under my belt (on obviously smaller motorcycles). I would not necessarily recommend this bike to a beginner, even with the traction control. My normal motorcycle is a Kawasaki KLX330sm. I used to own an ER-6n, too. And my first bike was a Ninja 250. My Facebook (yes, YouTube shortens the visible url here to "friendlyho." No, that's not the actual address):

PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUS! +motovlogging rant/advice
Please watch it all the way through before you judge and assume I'm just bashing other motovloggers. I do make a valid point that I think may help out a lot of peeps. I know I inspired myself while I was editing it. Priorities, man... There are some fun and random moments, but I get very serious and honest here. Then, I go all Mister Rogers on you guys. And a van gets stolen?? Be a Friendly Hooligan. Check out Jake The Garden Snake: Check out Walterrific: ----------- My Facebook:

BWM Jokes +stuff which shall not be named
Life has been as crazy as the weather. Lots of motovlogs in the works! Make someone smile today! :) I ride a Kawasaki KLX330sm supermoto. My camera a Drift GhostHD. My Facebook is NOT "the friendly ho," but that's how YouTube shortens it: