Mama driving the new car

I can't believe she can drive so well.

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my wife driving my x5 for the first time.avi
I took them out to get to know each other. She started off without hesitation ;) This is the first time my wife drives my new BMW. By the way.. she still doesn't drive car on regular basis... but can surely take my ass home when im drunk. She's just learning.. so don't go hard on her.

BMW X5 test drive novembre 2013

BMW X5 Interior - Awesome!!!
BMW X5 F15 interior review Subscribe Music: The_Kyoto_Connection_-_09_-_Hachik­o_The_Faithtful_Dog Latest Car News -

Acceleration BMW X5 2011 V8 0 To 200 km - تسارع بي ام دبيلو X5 2011
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