World Sportscar Masters Nürburgring 2012

At the 40th Anniversary edition of the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nurburgring was also the World Sportscar Masters with it. The grand old rare sportscars offered great race and even better sound. Bei der 40. Jubiläumsausgabe des AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix am Nürburgring war auch die World Sportscar Masters mit dabei. Die seltenen Sportwagen boten tolle Rennen und noch besseren Sound. Like us on RF 1993 Sportscars Racing Videos

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BMW M1 Procar "Flamethrower" - Rev, Flyby's and accelerations!
I've been to the AvD Oldtimer GP at the nurburgring this weekend and I have recorded some M1 Procars there. One of them was shooting huge flames! In this video you will also hear some warm up revs! I hope you enjoy this video, please comment, like and subscribe. Stay tuned for a nice edit of the AvD Oldtimer GP, I have got a lot of footage from that weekend!

AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2011- World Sportscar Masters Rennen 1
Bei diesen Wagen passte einfach alles: Sound, Aussehen und Speed. Schau es euch an. Kommentieren, bewerten oder abinieren wäre nicht schlecht. Hier gibts noch mehr Videos vom Oldtimer Grand Prix: Historic Grand Prix Cars: Grand Prix Masters:

40. AvD-Oldtimer GP Nürburgring 2012, BMW M Rennen
40 Jahre BMW M GmbH, Jubiläumsrennen. OGP 2012