Porsche 911 1968 restoration project summary Jan 2011.wmv

Still no bodyshell back from the paintshop (I'm chasing them every 2 weeks at present), so here I take stock of where I am and how much the project has cost me (and likely to cost overall). Building a 911 as a full 'make as new' restoration brings with it eye watering costs - and that's another reason why it's been fortunate I've taken 2 years so far and will probably take another year to complete. On this clip I also talk about the fuel tank restoration. Run time here is just under 17 minutes.

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Porsche 911 68 Bodyshell metal to paint.wmv
Here is the bodyshell virtually complete in the paintshop. After a huge amount of work, the shell is paintred and ready to come back to the workshop. Now the assembly can start seriously!

Porsche - 1962 Leather Interior Restoration
Demonstrates Advanced Leather Solutions techniques for restoring the leather interior of a classic car

Revive the Passion - Grand Finale for the 911 T
A 911 T US Coupe (1973) was restored by the specialists from Porsche Classic and raffled off among members of the Porsche Club of America afterwards. This video shows the final chapter in its restoration and how the car was reborn. More information on http://www.porsche.com/classic

Porsche 911 1968 rear suspension Part 2.wmv
Here is the second part of my full ride height reset on the 68 911. This is a long trial and error job that can drive you mad! It's important to understand how the suspension works and what the effect of any adjustment can have. It's also important to control the variables - set the tyre pressures and disconnect the shocks etc. After this there is still the corner weighting and then camber and toe to be set. But that's another story. Apologies for the crude editing. I'm doing this with Windows Live Movie Maker and it's very basic compared to my previous editor.